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#beardsgreenville Some of you may know Eric Skoloff because of  @yeahthatcyclebar A place to get a super workout! But Eric is up to some other really incredible stuff! He has been on the frontline fighting the opiod crisis for a while now.  A guy that gives back every day.   Here is what he said:  The opioid crisis has reached epidemic levels in our country.  All of us know someone, a friend, a family member, or an acquaintance who has become addicted to some type of pain medication.  We are losing thousands of lives every day , including right here in Greenville.  My team of nurses and I work tirelessly on the front lines, fighting opioids with electricity.  Together with a group of qualified physicians, we are using neuromodulation to help patients rid themselves of these deadly narcotic medications.   Every day provides challenge and reward, victory and loss.  On the flip side I run a little business you may have heard about, CycleBar Greenville.  CycleBar is my occupational alter ego!  I love this city, love the people, and love being a part of the growth and transformation we are seeing every day (end). #truestory #guys #men #yeahthatgreenville #fightingopioidepidemic #greenvillesc #greenville #guysgreenville

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