Sterling Crawford The Artist

Sterling Crawford The Artist

Sterling is a painter. She made a time to come into the studio to update her headshots for her art business. I have known her since her dance years, and have fond memories of us discussing painting and art. When she sent me some examples of her work I was so impressed by her abilities. Here are some selected photographs from the session, a statement she put together and some of her latest works. I also attached some links so you cans her work and message her for commisions. The portrait / headshot images are raw with no post editing.

Which is your favorite, and best for an artist portrait?



Being an analytical business graduate and accounting professional, painting is my way of allowing myself to be patient, concentrated, and in my own world filled with music, color, and creativity. I would like to say that I chose painting, but in reality – painting chose me. 

I grew up interested in art as I’d sit on my grandmother’s floor sketching and tracing, and after taking high-level art in high school, I decided I wanted to pursue a major in Fine Art. I did go through with it and study Studio Art at Clemson University, but after two weeks of studying negative vs. positive space, I decided I wanted to change my major to Business. After my first year, I transferred to College of Charleston hoping to be inspired by the lovely Architecture and History. There, I graduated with a degree in Finance in 2019. 

A few months post-graduate, I was commissioned to paint a portrait of a dog for a Napa Valley winery. This simple painting was the jumpstart to my painting career as I received more than 4 dog commissions from viewers of the Winery dog commission in CA within just a few months. People were wanting more. 

Dog portrait and Landscape commissions have built the start of my career in painting over the past 2 years, however it is evolving into much more. I am inspired by many things, including sculptures, furniture, interior design, architecture, and cultures. Creativity is my main motivator, and in 2022 I aim to focus on developing collections where I am able to explore techniques and textures, and ultimately hone my personal artistic brand. 

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