Mark Thoennes

Mark Theonnes of Mark Thoennes Builders, LLC

1. Family First

2. Downtown Greenville’s Premier Builder

3. My wife a  (realtor with Berkshire Hathaway) who sells most of my properties “Power Couple”

4. Two Beautiful Girls

5. We build a product that is like no other (High end, Cutting edge, technology advanced homes)

6. We work with the city to pioneer and redevelop distressed areas of greenville’s inner city to create affordable housing

7. Working with the city on Future projects to create affordable housing for the overwhelming problem of homeless Veterans.

8. Love supporting local businesses and helping them to succeed through my network of friends and influence


Watch Mike Frost Band Play Christmas Tune Live at Rainers Cafe + Bar

Need a little Monday Christmas Cheer pick-me-up? Listen to the Mike Frost Band play a Christmas tune! Did you know Rainers Cafe + Bar has live music Thursday-Saturday! I made this with the Leica SL (4k) and used the existing lighting at Rainers. Let me know what you think. (please like and SHARE if you enjoyed it)!!

New York City Fashion Shoots

New York City Fashion Shoots. A few highlights from the trip.