Mark Thoennes

Mark Theonnes of Mark Thoennes Builders, LLC

1. Family First

2. Downtown Greenville’s Premier Builder

3. My wife a  (realtor with Berkshire Hathaway) who sells most of my properties “Power Couple”

4. Two Beautiful Girls

5. We build a product that is like no other (High end, Cutting edge, technology advanced homes)

6. We work with the city to pioneer and redevelop distressed areas of greenville’s inner city to create affordable housing

7. Working with the city on Future projects to create affordable housing for the overwhelming problem of homeless Veterans.

8. Love supporting local businesses and helping them to succeed through my network of friends and influence


Bo Mcdonald

Meet Bo Mcdonald

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Translated as “Let the good times roll,” this Cajun expression captures the personal and professional philosophy of Bo McDonald, founder and president of Your Marketing Co, a creative and strategic marketing agency for those in the financial services industry. With a diverse client base that stretches from coast to coast and personal residences in two separate states, Bo takes pride in finding new ways to challenge the complacent comfort of the status quo.


After beginning his professional career as a radio DJ in Upstate New York, Bo capitalized on his communication skills by starting his own marketing company. For the next five years, he partnered with owners in the auto, real estate, and hospitality industries. But when the U.S. and global economies experienced a recession in 2008, Bo embraced the challenge by re-focusing his company’s mission and serving credit unions and community banks, organizations committed to helping people protect themselves against similar financial downfalls.


True to form, Bo’s community focus and professional enthusiasm extend beyond a single location. While his primary residence and YMC headquarters are nestled in the revitalized beauty of Greenville, South Carolina, Bo and his wife, Amber, are also part-time residents of New Orleans, where they enjoy immersing themselves in the vibrant music, art, and culinary experiences of the Big Easy.


When he’s not working in his South Carolina office, Bo is most likely sitting in a client’s office, helping them develop strategic plans for growth. When he needs to rest and recharge, it’s a safe bet you’ll find him in New Orleans listening to a new band in the French Quarter, indulging his love of art on Royal Street, or entertaining friends in his backyard in historic Algiers Point.


In addition to leading one of the fastest growing marketing firms in the financial services industry and managing a successful web design and digital marketing company, Bo is a sought-after speaker and a tireless champion of the nonprofit community. His civic engagement includes operating two companies that provide affordable housing in Greenville, SC, sitting on the boards of multiple nonprofit agencies, and serving as a member of his personal credit union’s supervisory committee.



Mercedes came in to update her portfolio. We had a great time! We did some inside and out of the studio. Most sessions like this last about 90min to a couple hours. The cost starts at $350 and includes a few different looks. MUA (make up and hair) and styling services are also available.

Dan and Danielle Hobbs Wedding

Dan and Danielle Hobbs Wedding

Millikan Farms 5-27-2018

3983 Millikan Rd, Sophia, NC 27350


It was a beautiful day between all the rain clouds (we never got wet, and the sun shined the whole time). Dan and Dani were married at Millikan Farms, and celebrated with friends and family. Here are a few of the photographs from the wedding. Please like, comment, and share at the bottom of the post.


Beards Greenville – Eric Skoloff

Eric Skoloffbeardsgreenville201845264

#beardsgreenville Some of you may know Eric Skoloff because of  @yeahthatcyclebar A place to get a super workout! But Eric is up to some other really incredible stuff! He has been on the frontline fighting the opiod crisis for a while now.  A guy that gives back every day.   Here is what he said:  The opioid crisis has reached epidemic levels in our country.  All of us know someone, a friend, a family member, or an acquaintance who has become addicted to some type of pain medication.  We are losing thousands of lives every day , including right here in Greenville.  My team of nurses and I work tirelessly on the front lines, fighting opioids with electricity.  Together with a group of qualified physicians, we are using neuromodulation to help patients rid themselves of these deadly narcotic medications.   Every day provides challenge and reward, victory and loss.  On the flip side I run a little business you may have heard about, CycleBar Greenville.  CycleBar is my occupational alter ego!  I love this city, love the people, and love being a part of the growth and transformation we are seeing every day (end). #truestory #guys #men #yeahthatgreenville #fightingopioidepidemic #greenvillesc #greenville #guysgreenville

Highlights from The George Hincapie Fondo 2017

Patrick Dempsey, Lance Armstrong and George Hincapie to name a few. Here are some of the highlights From the Fondo Event.