Winter Wedding in Asheville

 Newsom+Barlow wedding 1-6 2018

The Wedding took place at Cathedral of All Souls

The Reception was at the grand bohemian hotel

First wedding of the new year! A cold crisp, yet beautiful wedding in Asheville, NC. Such a beautiful place to be married!


The Sfinx – Drone (official video)

This is the music video we worked on last fall which was released last week.

link to her site

Track produced by Bugsy Blue and Frank Ford Productions. Mixed and mastered by Christopher J Bloom

Patrick Cox of for producing and directing the project, Eric McGreggor with WildHair Production, Mike Griggs with Griggsy Media Pickens County SC for providing a perfect filming location (Bruce Evilsizor, Patrick Lark, David Owens, Chris Durham) SHOCK Dance by Lindley, Lisa Lopez with Stisa Talent Agency, Lindley Mayer, Anna Newton, Deborah Hahn, Amesha McElveen, Kylie Knepp, Gracie Michael, Takylah Brooklyn Meadows, Brianna Taylor, Alexis Broome, Jataysjah Wallace, Darelle D. Dove, Jamela Brian, Riley Pittman, Justin Myrick, Morgan Norris, Bella Strawn, Christina Brewington, Olivia York, Eden Simmons, Kendall Jackson, Hunter Singleton, Caroline Strickland, Margaret Turner, Kierstin Smith, Mallory Alverson, Gracie Cox, Raiyna bearden, Ava Zapata, Ava Randall, Mattison Broome, Donna Sachon for beautiful costumes, Robbie Randolph, Janelle Willson, Laken Cosmetics and team, Laken McKenzie, Morgan Thompson, Emily Lundy, Leah Mathias, Jennifer Disnuke at Bo Stegall Atelier, Jessica Brissey Pasqualicchio at Bo Stegall Atelier, Erika Krauze at Identity, Bo Stegall The Salon, Steven Shelton Solar dimensions Brookhaven

Greenville Fashion Week April 2018


The Polo Classic

The Greenville Polo Classic is the only event of its kind in the Upstate of South Carolina, bringing in the southeast’s top polo players to compete right here in Greenville. Founded in 2012, the Greenville Polo Classic was created as a fundraiser for ALS and other neurological disorders.

Event co-founder Nigel Robertson spear-headed the initiative as a way of turning tragedy into charity. Read Nigel’s story below.

Megan & Ben Wingo

Married at Cliffs Glassy Mountain Chapel 8-19-2017


Fostering Great Ideas

A short film for Fostering Great Ideas. Sib-LInk is the solution for siblings to see each other. Director of Photography Patrick Cox Producer Eric McGregor 2017 Actors: Father Jason D. Johnson Mother Miranda Barnett – Child Actors, Staring some of Stisa Talent’s own young actors (Parker Pierce, Gracie Michael, and Jillian Johnson) Kayden Gramblin childs voice and Nadia Vaeh woman voice

Joan Herlong and Her new Venture

Check out this video about Joan and our launch as Joan Herlong & Associates Sotheby’s International Realty

Ashley + Brandon Duncan! Married at the Ryan Nicholas Inn 6-24-2017

Ashley Carroll & Brandon Duncan were married at the Ryan Nicholas Inn on 6-24-2017. It was a beautiful event! Here are a few teasers from the Wedding!

Big Things Coming For Nadia Vaeh

@NadiavaehNadia is a singer-songwriter who is releasing new music later this year!  Check out her instagram and Twitter @NadiaVaeh  And @thesfinxmusic to keep up with her journey!

We are working with her on some collaborations and are super excited about the results!

And of course, you can follow me to! Insta @patrickcox Twitter @patrickcox


Morgan and Clark Mickel Wedding

Morgan and Clark Mickel Wedding

Greenville Fashion Week BTC

Greenville Fashion Week is underway! Here are some behind the scenes (btc) photographs.


Beards Greenville – Eric Skoloff

Eric Skoloffbeardsgreenville201845264

#beardsgreenville Some of you may know Eric Skoloff because of  @yeahthatcyclebar A place to get a super workout! But Eric is up to some other really incredible stuff! He has been on the frontline fighting the opiod crisis for a while now.  A guy that gives back every day.   Here is what he said:  The opioid crisis has reached epidemic levels in our country.  All of us know someone, a friend, a family member, or an acquaintance who has become addicted to some type of pain medication.  We are losing thousands of lives every day , including right here in Greenville.  My team of nurses and I work tirelessly on the front lines, fighting opioids with electricity.  Together with a group of qualified physicians, we are using neuromodulation to help patients rid themselves of these deadly narcotic medications.   Every day provides challenge and reward, victory and loss.  On the flip side I run a little business you may have heard about, CycleBar Greenville.  CycleBar is my occupational alter ego!  I love this city, love the people, and love being a part of the growth and transformation we are seeing every day (end). #truestory #guys #men #yeahthatgreenville #fightingopioidepidemic #greenvillesc #greenville #guysgreenville

coast to coast style


… Since what we were doing was ‘out of the box’ compared to where we came from, we knew we needed to support and push each other towards one another’s dreams – striving to be people who would fan others’ fire into flames.

It has become our mission to connect, inspire, and empower the people we encounter, just as we have been. Now, living on two ends of the coast, the mission is still the same- but now we are opening it up to the rest of you!  We are looking to share our confidence with you to help you inspire others to be their best selves, regardless if you are on the east or the west!


Highlights from The George Hincapie Fondo 2017

Patrick Dempsey, Lance Armstrong and George Hincapie to name a few. Here are some of the highlights From the Fondo Event.