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Greenville Fashion Week Powered by Society 2019

Here are a few photo from the modeling session at Shock Dance studio.


Kenz  Kenz is a model and competitive dancer. She represents multiple dance wear companies and fashion brands. She is excited to try something new this spring and walk the runway during Greenville Fashion week. You can find her on Instagram @kenz4dance

Press Release 12-31-2018

Greenville, SC – December 31, 2018 – Greenville Fashion Week powered by The SOCIETY is extremely delighted to partner with Internationally Famed photographer and Multimedia Company Patrick Cox of Cox Photography ( The global role will have an initial three-year tenure and will support the organization in its goal to further develop The SOCIETY’s brand awareness, while also expanding our behind the scenes story….

Easton & Chachere

Easton & Chachere Furman & Zen

Emily + Sean Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville NC

Newsom+Barlow wedding 1-6 2018 The Wedding took place at Cathedral of All Souls The Reception was at the grand bohemian hotel